We are a non-governmental organization created by young Romanians established abroad and in Romania. Our goal is to contribute to the development and strengthening of Romania’s national security in the geostrategic context of NATO and the EU. We focus mainly on combating informational warfare, by promoting critical thinking among the Romanian population.

Today we are in a complex international context, technological advancement, China’s strong military and economic growth, Russia’s strategic actions, growing populism among the European Union states and the United States, global warming, and migration are worrying. The powerful effects of wars, famines, and massive population growth in Africa and the Middle East define a new multidimensional global world.

On the security line, the war also entered the 4th generation, defined as a conflict in which the gravitational center tilts towards the informational side. Another characteristic of this type of conflict is its subtle psychological manifestation on the social line, especially through social media. It is hard to distinguish between combatant fighters and non-combatant fighters in this age, today anyone can be an agent of action or an agent to whom the offensive action is directed.

We want to be a factor of positive influence in the objective of having in Romania an association between the public and private sector, between governmental and non-governmental institutions that build, implement and develop strategic communication both inside and outside the country. Realizing this framework, we can lay the foundations of an information flow that will bring added value to the Romanian society on all its sides, at the same time to achieve a successful PR outside of it, which will maintain Romania’s rating at image level at a high standard.


Intel4Patriam’s mission is to fight the misinformation/disinformation that systematically affects society. We want a strong, united and developed Romania, rallying to European and trans-Atlantic values. We consider that disinformation, part of the hybrid information war, is an important obstacle in achieving these objectives because our enemies do not want a united and strong Romania which cannot be manipulated. We are concerned about the destabilizing effects of disinformation at the level of the society, and we want to contribute to promoting the interests of Romania and its citizens.

We fight together to expose manipulated information and to promote authentic and real information. We understand that the invisible enemy is almost impossible to fight by classical methods, thus we consider education as the most important pillar in the fight against disinformation. In this context, we identified critical thinking as an absolutely necessary element in the education of Romanian citizens. Critical thinking means “going through a personal filter”┬áthe information with which a person interacts, in order to establish the truthfulness by verifying the information, analyzing several sources and observing the reasons why a message is written in a certain way before jumping to conclusions.

Our long-term mission is to introduce critical thinking and digital literacy as part of the Romanian school curriculum for middle school and high school students. In the short and medium-term, our mission is also related to Education, in this sense we want to educate through physical and online workshops the young population, on the dangers of disinformation, and teach how it can be identified. Only through education can we remain united and strong in the face of the informational war that is taking place. The new generation must be prepared to face huge waves of manipulated information and to select real information discarding fake ones. The alternative is scary!

The values that define the Intel4Patriam organization are the following: